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2019 Course/Student Reviews-Data from 2019 Course Evaluations  

10/16/19- Awesome!

10/15/19-Great 1 on 1 Teaching!

10/9/19-Great Instructor! Great Information! Great Teaching!

10/9/19-Great Instruction! Good Class! Strengths: Thorough, Clear Instruction and Clear Examples!

10/5/19-Flexible and Super Knowlegeable, Easy to Understand, Great Communication and Motivator. I learned alot

9/24/19-Instructor was great, very educated, and made the class fun and realistic.

9/24/19-Great Knowledge. Hands on Excellent Exerperience.

9/21/19-Fantastic Instructor! Seriously one of the Best BLS/ACLS classes I've ever had (and I've been ACLS/BLS for over 10 years) Professor's Personality demands subject matter Excellence, Equipment and Teaching Style! Loved Her Classes!!

9/21/19-Great at teaching the material and making sure you fix things that aren't done properly.

9/21/19-Ms. Alicia was very resourceful and informative! Very Good at Building Confidence! She's Awesome!

9/20/19-The class was exactly waht I needed. Good Scenarios! Good Practice! 

9/19/19-Probably the best BLS class I've taken. Really makes learner accountable. Great Instructor and Mannequins!

9/18/19-Coach was excelletn and helped me understand the proper mechanics of CPR. Great Instructor!

9/14/19-They were simply outstanding. I would recommend them.

9/12/19-This my second time taking a class here and I enjoy the teacher's style of instruction. One strength of the class is being able to have the one on one personal instruction and learning so  I am able to grasp the material.  

7/29/19-She is very knowlegeable! I loved the layout (and intimacy) of this class. It was very organized and fun! I'll definantly recommend her classes to friends and family (in both SC and GA)

7/27/19-Alicia is a great coach and inspiration. Great job!

7/25/19-Good Individualized Teaching. Very Professional and Thorough Teaching.

7/25/19-Excellent Teacher! Great Feedback!

7/22/19-Instructor was great and made sure we were comforable with what we were doing. Very Thorough!

7/22/19-Wonderul CPR Instructor!

7/15/19-Best Instructor I've had. This is my second time with her. Highly Recommend! Strengths: Gives great feedback and has positive energy.

7/13/19-Excellent Feedback, Good Teaching, and Great Time. Personable and well educated about the class!

7/12/19-Very Well Taught Class!  Strengths-good clear and easy to understand communication

7/6/19-Amazing Instructor! Love her!

6/25/19- I loved it!

6/20/19-Dr. Alicia was great! 

6/20/19-Alicia did an excellent job coaching and making sure all the students felt comfortable with the techniques.

6/19/19-The instructor was very clear in the course instruction and testing process. She did a wonderful job! Strengths:-Gave excellent and clear training instruction.

5/29/19-Great Instructor! Great Communition and Redirecting Skills

5/22/19-Instruction was very individualized and useful! Strengths Personable and Knowledgeable 

5/24/19-I'll be using them again! Thank You! Strengths: Quality and Thorough!

5/14/19-Instructor was informative and helpful on technique. Strengths: Coaching through situations

5/13/19-Great Feedback ! Very Enthusiastic Instructor!

5/13/19-Great Job! Provided Constructive Feedback when Needed

4/6/19-Alicia was extremely thorough! All scenarios and explanations really helped me better understand. She is honesty so knowledgeable and helpful! Strength: explanation

4/3/19-Awesome! So much help!

4/2/19-Wonderful instructor! I am very satisfied!

4/8/19-Great quick check-off with one student.

4/1/19-She was very knowledgeable and presented the scenarios and course perfectly so students understood their roles and how to do skills.

3/30/19-Great help when practicing. Strengths; Wonderful class would recommend to others.

3/30/19-Very knowledge and courteous.

3/27/19-Great one on one feedback and assessment 

3/27/19-Strengths: Great at giving feedback with placement and very good constructive feedback.

3/26/19-Great instructor! Very friendly! Strengths: friendly and not intimidating!

3/25/19-Very professional, helpful

3/25/19-Strengths: She make sure to correct you so know that you are doing everything right.

3/25/19-Great teacher, good hands on practice and scenarios

3/13/19-Dr. Brown was Fantastic!

3/13/19-Lots of fun!  

3/13/19-Great teacher: Patient, Polite, and Encouraging. Strengths: Dr. Alicia is a good instructor. She is knowledgeable and goes over the skills well. 

3/13/19-She was great!

3/12/19-She was excellent and thorough!  Alicia is a wonderful instructor and knows her stuff!

3/11/19-Great course, I'll be back in 2 years. Strengths: Very personable energetic

3/11/19-Strengths: Was really great at communicating what she wanted us to do.

3/11/19-Instruction was done well and organized. She demonstrated what was expected with each scenario and explained things as she went. The instructor went over everything in detail. With each scenario and let us get practice with constructive feedback. Testing was done in a professional and positive manner. She seemed very engaged in our skills. 

3/11/19-Strengths: She was energetic and positive. She provided constructive feedback.

3/5/19-Great hands on learning

3/4/19-Great instructor: easy to follow course!

3/4/19-good hands on scenarios. Good feedback

3/2/19-Instructor very professional and knowledgeable. Enjoyed the skills class