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2017-2018 Course/Student Reviews

Data from 2017-2018 Course Evaluations  

8/10/2018-The instructor was very polite, professional, and presented everything clearly.  More instructors like Alicia!  She was awesome.  I feel she prepared me for real life scenarios.

8/7/2018-It was very detailed.

8/6/2018-Alicia was great!

8/6/2018-Instructor Awesome!

7/17/2018-Very thorough

7/13/2018- Great instruction and easy to understand. Ms. Brown is very knowledgeable.

7/13/2018-Lots of practicing-that was good!

7/13/2018-Felt even more confident in my skills at the end of the class.

7/10/2018-Everything was clear and easy to understand. I appreciated the focused attention.

6/19/2018-Well organized. Focused on communicating learning objectives. Strengths: Small for practicing scenarios but nice for really focusing on my skills!

6/15/2018-Very efficient program!  Strengths: Clarity and timeliness.

6/12/2018-Great Feedback!

6/8/2018-Enjoyed this class! Thank you. Strengths: Great at teaching CPR!

6/8/2018-Lots of fun and good learning experience.

6/5/2018-Very helpful and easy for a first time BLS taker. Strengths: Instructor, relaxing atmosphere, hitting all important points.

6/5/2018-Great course! Instructor was encouraging and very helpful.

6/4/2018-Great teacher, helpful Strengths: Positive, helpful, timely, answered any questions asked.

5/25/2018-It was a good one on one session to refresh my CPR skills. Instructor was encouraging and gave good feedback.

5/21/2018-Easy and fun. Strengths: moves at a good pace. Strengths: She makes it as fun as can be.

5/21/2018-Strength: small class size was great for learning first time.

5/21/2018-Great and effective course!  Instructors were excellent.  Feedback was very helpful.

5/21/2018-This course was well organized, friendly, and effective.

5/17/2018-This course was super helpful and Alicia was a great teacher! Strengths: great visual aids and very helpful instruction!

5/11/2018-I thought it was a very good course.

5/11/2018: Great direction by instructor and feedback.

5/7/2018-Very enjoyable! Strengths: I love the one on one!

5/7/2018-Great Class! Strengths: Instructor was great and very helpful with positive feedback!

5/7/2018-Strengths: Timely, instructive!

5/3/2018-Alicia was a great and patient instructor!  Strengths: I liked practicing with an actual AED machine.

4/30/2018-Strengths: Instructor was great!

3/30/2018-Strengths were the hands on and interactive portions of the program. The instructor was very helpful during the process. 

3/30/2018-Strengths: loved being able to utilize online portion at home and only attending for skills check.

3/23/2018-Instructor was very knowledgeable and encouraging.

3/21/2018-Great instructor! Strengths: The small size was beneficial and training was wonderful. Quick and easy to learn and does not take all day.

3/20/2018-Alicia was the best BLS instructor I have had. She was a great teacher and very animated.

3/19/2018-Overall great class!  Strengths:  Instructor did an excellent job at providing feedback and explaining situations.  

3/19/2018-Alicia was wonderful, small class size helped with easier learning.

3/1/2018-Wonderful class, Wonderful instructor. Strengths: Great pace. Clear Instructions.

2/27/2018-Alicia got me in and out in a timely manner for my check-off.

2/22/2018-Amazing teacher.  Will use her from now on!  Strengths:  Personalized and Convenient! No cons!

2/22/2018-Thank You!  Strengths: Everything done well. Better than my previous hands-on BLS class.

2/22/2018-Excellent Instructor!

2/21/2018-Mrs. Brown was very easy to understand and her techniques were professional.

2/20/2018-Great Experience with Alicia!  Strengths: One on one instruction was great!

2/16/2018-Instructor was flexible and agreeable to do the skills component with little notice-awesome!

2/16/2018-Strengths: Excellent Instructor!

2/15/2018-Great! Love the one-on-one.

2/14/2018-Great class. Strengths: Clear instructions! Alicia was kind!

2/14/2018-Strengths: Overall good class, fun, and I learned a lot.

2/13/2018-Instructor was very personal, professional, and knowledgeable.  Strengths: The timed compressions.

1/29/2018-Strengths: Instructor was very thorough with information and online was very helpful in classroom.

1/26/2018-Class was efficient and effective. Strengths: Very hands on, lots of constructive feedback, great de-briefs.

11/30/2017-Great Experience! Practice Makes Perfect!!

11/29/2017- She was great. Strengths: Very specific

11/22/2017-Very knowledgeable, low stress environment, encouraging, and easy to work with.

11/13/17-Personalized class tailored to my needs.

10/1/2017-Strengths: Alicia Brown is a fantastic instructor.  I felt at ease yet challenged for my test.  Very personable and knowledgeable and gave great feedback.

9/29/2017-Alicia was very knowledgeable and helpful. Strengths:  Practice 

9/27/2017-Strengths: Small class size, practice before testing was a good refresher, good feedback.

9/27/2017-I felt like the scenarios and CPR were life like, real-life rescues.